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Optichem produces a wide range of fertilizers designed to meet the specific nutrition requirements of crops and pastures. Farmers see the results in healthier soils with perfect nutrition balance that deliver stronger crop, bigger yield and improved farm profitablity.

Product Description Target Crop
Compound 23-21-0+4S Maize
23:10.5+6S+1.0ZN Maize
Optican Maize, Top Dressing
Compound D Tobacco
Compound Super D Tobacco
14.5:14.5:20+8S+0.3B Tobacco
Compound S Tobacco Nurseries
Compound T Tea Plantation
Compound J Macademia
Citowe Vegetables
Super Chitowe Maize and Vegetables
CAN Maize,Top Dressing, and Tobacco
Urea Maize, Top Dressing
Ammonium Sulphate Irish Potatoes and Vegetables

Product Innovation

We pride ourselves with offering innovative products designed to improve efficiency.

We also produce tailor-made fertilizers for specific crops according to our customer's needs.

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We also make sure we give back something to the community

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We demonstrate exceptional customer services.

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